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All products are products are facial-grade, dermatologically and gynecologically tested, and formulated without mineral oils, silicones, parabens, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, phthalates, gluten, animal products, or other potentially harmful ingredients.


Esthemax crafts a distinctive range of premium skincare products infused with a carefully curated blend of potent botanical extracts, nourishing vitamins, and advanced active ingredients. Esthemax’s facial masks are designed to cater to a variety of skin concerns.

Take home product at your next appointment

Subject to inventory availability, the products below may be purchased at your appointment! 
If the full size product is not available, you may be able to purchase a sample size for $5
For discounted refills on previously purchased product, bring in your empty containers. 

Fur Oil


A best seller for a reason! In clinical trials, 100% agreed that Fur Oil minimizes ingrowns, and 95% agreed that their pubic hair was left silky, soft, and supple after use.​

All Body Wash


All Body Wash is a pH-balanced oil wash made with all bodies in mind. This velvety soft wash is (as always!) dermatologically and gynecologically tested and leaves skin and hair hydrated and silky soft. ​

Ingrown Concentrate


Small but mighty…Ingrown Concentrate is the best way to gently banish ingrowns and soothe irritation, resulting in clear, smooth skin in even the most sensitive areas.The ultimate in post hair removal care and ingrown treatment. This ingrown eliminating serum soothes irritation and eradicates bumps, leaving skin clear and ingrown free.

Silk Scrub


Buff away dead skin cells for radiant resurfacing. This exfoliator smoothes and polishes skin and can be used for a quick shower buffer or left on as an exfoliating mask.

Microdart Patches


Ingrown Microdart Patch harnesses the most advanced microneedle patch technology to penetrate the skin deeper than any topical formula. After six hours of wear, these patches will smooth bumps, reduce inflammation, and speed up the ingrown reparative process. Perfect for every body, everywhere, apply Ingrown Microdart Patch anywhere you experience ingrowns—from the face and neck to the bikini line and beyond.

Fur Trio


Originally exclusive to our best-selling Ingrown Concentrate, our fan favorite finger mitt is now available on its own. This three-pack of reusable, textured finger mitts buffs away dirt and debris, prepping your skin for the rest of your routine. Each mitt is dual-sided, with a softer side for polishing sensitive skin and a more textured side for buffing rougher spots.


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